Sunday, August 3, 2008

SMALL, Small, small.

I love the Internet. I just love it. Here's why.
I love that all I have to do is go onto a website to see a live feed of Times Square at six different angles and I can stare at the city that I love.
I love that I can watch movies, listen to music, see movie trailers, talk to my friends all over the world, buy fruit beverages, and connect to the people who are on the reality tv shows that we love.
And I love that I can be on a blog and vicariously ride the It's A Small World ride at Disney in Paris. The entire ride. I just rode it. And it was wonderful.
See, there is so much truth in that video. It really is becoming a smaller and smaller world since all we have to do is click and we are able to see anything. It's wonderful. And all the little asian and indian children who keep singing that song over and over and over French...agree.

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