Saturday, August 2, 2008


A girl that I work with has a serious problem. She doesn't have anything.

See, her mom passed away a year ago and she has been living with her dad, trying to make as much money as possible to make ends meet. You'd have to know her, but she's a very pleasant girl to be around. She's usually smiling, joking about whatever, and laughing at her own jokes. Everyone likes her and she works hard.
She had a storage space that was full of her stuff. Furniture that had been passed down from different family members, boxes of photographs of her mother, all the clothing that wouldn't fit where she was staying, etc. She just found out that her father hadn't been paying the rent on the storage place and three months ago, they foreclosed on the space.
They also told her father that since he wasn't going to come and pick up all of her stuff, they were auctioning it all off. Everything. Gone.
She just found out that three months ago, she lost everything. And to complicate things, her father knew that they were getting rid of it all and he didn't do anything about it. He didn't tell her so that she could go and get her stuff, but instead, he did nothing.
So she's been staying with friends because she can't bear to live with him any longer. She's thinking that she is going to move back to Houston for the semester because she can't stay here with him. She's going to work and save money and prepare for the spring semester at school.

I couldn't even respond. I, who has the words to say about everything, couldn't even respond. Not because I haven't heard stories like that. But because here, at Baylor University, where there are teenagers driving around cars that cost their parents 60,000 dollars, there is someone who's father didn't even care enough to tell her that everything that she owned, including photographs of her mother, were being thrown away.
It infuriates me. I've met her father. Dresses like a thug, and pays well for it, but does something like this.
I don't have a lot of money, but I have never gone without. My parents have worked their tails off so that they could take care of us, always putting us first and never themselves.

So I'm responding now by telling this story, in hopes that it won't happen again.

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