Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On the heels of Michael Phelps becoming the obsession that he is today, even greater news has emerged.
Michelle Kwan said that she might be going to the next winter games.
Best. News. Ever.
I mean, if she and Shawn Johnson were in a room together, and I walked in...I might pass out.
Michelle is the epitome of figure skating. Sure, there were greats before her. But never since her, has there been a name so readily associated with the sport. Her going back to the Olympics would be the best thing that ever happened, because she can go after the gold that she deserves so much and has yet to obtain. It's hard to believe that Michelle Kwan doesn't have a gold medal. A silver and a bronze - yes. But no gold. That's a crime.
A crime.
I'm on team Kwan. Join me.

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