Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bryan's Tryin

What happened to Making the Video?

You remember it. MTV would follow people around as they would make their video for their new song and we got to see them be "real" and "raw." Which it was all just one big performance for the cameras, but it doesn't matter because we ate that up.

I miss that.

That was a side note. Here's the real deal. Bryan Clay won the gold medal and was considered the best athlete in the world because he excelled at so many different things. Fine. Good for you. And then he's talking smack about Michael Phelps, saying that Phelps isn't the world's best athlete, no matter how many gold medals he has and that he's "probably" the best swimmer in the world.

I'm sorry. Did someone steal your spotlight? Did someone just get millions and millions of dollars of endorsements and you didn't? Did someone, all by themselves, revive NBC and Olympic viewership? I don't care what gold medal you won, you didn't win 8. Actually, you didn't win 14.

I hate athletes that have bad attitudes and are so full of themselves. I hate it. Get over yourself. You won a frikken gold medal. Most people never get anywhere close to that. So back down buddy. Phelps trumped you and you're mad about it. Well clearly, I'm mad about you. And not in a good way.

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