Tuesday, August 12, 2008

100th Post

And it's a doozy.

I was sitting in my apartment tonight, minding my own business and listening to Janet Jackson. I had just seen Michael Phelps win two more golds, I had seen the USA girls gymnasts throw the gold away to a bunch of underage chinese girls who are 12.
So I am listening to Janet, in my bubble and winding down for the day.
Then, my roommate walks in and goes, "Is that the Full House song?"
Give it a minute. Let that sink in.

Ready? Alright.
"Um...no. That's Janet Jackson."
"But its the same melody."
"No. This is Janet Jackson."

My roommate compared a Janet Jackson song to the dippiest, pre-Hannah Montana , sitcom on television.
Now give that a minute.

See, I used to watch Full House. I did. I watched it all the time. I loved crazy Uncle Jessie and not touching the hair and that silly little Michelle and even Uncle Joey with the woodchuck thing. Now, I recognize the woodchuck to be a gross sexual innuendo that would not only terrorize small children, but would also demoralize and desensitize even the most right winged of Baptist children. I venture to say that the woodchuck would lead those small Baptisians to become angry punk-rock faux-hawkers who secretly love Miley Cyrus and proclaim their love for whatever the "rock" band of the moment was on the radio. They all sound alike anyways.

Janet Jackson is NOT Full House. Janet Jackson and her over-sexed music, over the top videos, and pierced secret places is NOT Full House. See, she's overt with her sexuality, thus not causing much harm. The woodchuck however...

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Anonymous said...

Lame. You are lame.

No one even heard my side of the story.

(This is the roommate, I just have no way of putting my name.)