Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wait! No More!

Why are infomercials still going on with the whole "Wait! There's more!" thing? We've all been seeing these since we were born and they all look and sound the same. Why?
I mean, why can't you just say that you get two for the price of one, that all of the bedazzling tips are free and that as a special gift, the Miracle Steak Knives will be sent too. All I have to do is pay shipping and handling.
Which sounds like a great deal. But have you ever had to pay shipping and handling for something like steak knives? It's based on weight people. Not cheap at all. So it's not really free. Try again. It's far from that.
I do love the infomercials though. And if I had money, I would have one of everything probably. All of those ab machines that will change your life in 3 weeks? I'm ready for them. Wait. I don't have 3 easy payments of 99.95. Sorry. I'll just have to stick to my exercise ball. One easy payment of 14.95 for my exercise ball. Say it with me...Walmart. Okay.
Moral of the Story: Lets cut out the "Wait! There's More!" We don't need it. We all know it's coming. Just cut to the chase and show me something that I know I want, know that I will need, and can't afford.

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