Thursday, July 24, 2008


Let me first apologize for my lack of entries as of late. I know I have dropped the ball. I'm sorry.
There are a lot of things going on. But the most important thing of all is, three nights ago, I slept for ten hours.
I know. Ten Hours. Can you believe it? Who does that?
I heard that Penelope Cruz sleeps for eleven or twelve hours a day. That means that she is literally wasting half of her life away. In bed! And not doing the good thing in bed that I'd be happy to waste half of my life away doing.

Cricket. Cricket.

Anyways. I slept for ten hours and thought I had been reborn. The world was clear, the sun was bright, everything was as it should be.
So I encourage you. Take one day every six months, blow off whatever you were supposed to do in the morning (in my case, it was class), and sleep for ten hours. It will change your life.

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