Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tis the Season

Have you seen the episode of Golden Girls when Sofia comes into the kitchen screaming, holding a giant knife above her head like she was going to attack the girls? Cracks me up every time.

That has nothing to do with what I wanted to talk about either. I just watched Raymond and Marie was writing her family Christmas letter. My dad always says he is going to do one but he never does. I tried writing it a couple years but I'm pretty sure they never sent it out. But they mean to.

So I started thinking. At what age do you start doing your own Christmas letter? I mean, if you are Jewish, probably never. But you could still do a holiday letter. Even though I think the whole "holiday" thing is such a cop-out. Personal opinion but still.
I'm gonna be 25 in four days. Does that mean that I am old enough to do my own letter? I mean, I have a lot to say. I have had a big year. Maybe I should. Except mine will be an e-letter. I can't do the whole paper thing. I don't have anyone's addresses.
I think that I will do it in July. Christmas in July week is coming up and I think that would be a great opportunity to send out my letter. So get ready. I'm ready now. Don't worry. I will keep you posted as to when Christmas in July week is. Best week of the year.

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