Sunday, June 8, 2008

Peeing Peesh Peddling Power Pooping Puppy

So the dog has been doing so well recently. She hasn't made any "mistakes" in the apartment, and she has been letting u know when she needs to go outside to go. Good puppy.
Until today.
I, in my weekend of productivity, cleaned my room last night. It's wonderful. The way a room should be. Today, I am taking a shower and I decided to go ahead and give the dog a bath too.
I give her a bath, she tried to escape and I wouldn't let her. She got clean. All is well.

Then she comes into my room and jumps into my lap. She's wet so I make her get down. She gets on my bed and when I realize that she did, I turn to tell her to get her wet self off and I see it. It was like Lake Erie.
So I find myself having a conversation with the puppy. Her ears laying flat behind her head because she knows she was bad. It went something like this. "I am very upset with you puppy. You have upset me. You peed on my bed. That is the most cardinal of all the sins." She responded with the sad puppy face. I was unmoved.
"You were not a good puppy and I am very disappointed with you. You have been so good and now, whoosh, right down the crapper."
I then realized that the crapper wasn't the right choice of words.

Whatever. My sheets needed to be cleaned anyways. Puppy power strikes again.

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