Monday, June 9, 2008

Layla, come inside

So I cleaned out my life today. No joke. I did.
Some people do that in the spring, but for me, I wait until the summer. It's hot, gross outside, I just want to be inside, watching endless hours of sitcoms on DVD until Double G comes on at midnight and I want to clean out my life.
So I did. I cleaned my room first. Magic. I threw away a ton of stuff. A ton. My mother would be so proud. Isn't it funny how when it comes time to clean your room, your mom gives you one of those giant black trash bags? You know the ones. The giant ones that are way bigger than a bag should be and then you are expected to fill it with all of the things you have grossed since the last time she bugged you? Right.
Well no one bugged me to, I just did it on my own. Look at me growing up.
I cleaned up the living room, which is hard because we are in college and there are people in and out all the time and there is a puppy who poops everywhere, but still. It looks better now than it did two days ago.
Speaking of people coming in and out. We were playing cards last night and after going to get summer drinks at Common Grounds, we came back. Wait ten minutes. Screaming outside our door. Screaming. Suddenly, two girls run into our apartment (calm down, we know them) and they are being chased by a giant roach. A flying roach. A Froach. Panic ensues.
So we wait it out, they open the door to leave and screaming happens again, it's hovering right outside the door, waiting. It's being described to us as being the size of a small bird. I'm a man. So I grab my air-freshner can and a book from under our coffee table about Forgiveness and I open the door. It's mounted on the outside light and it's huge. We freak out and go inside. So I get bug killer and I go to spray it. It's gone. The puppy was of course also gone, just chillin at the bottom of the stairs. Right. Layla, come inside.
Anyways, life cleaning. Today, I cleaned out an old email address and got rid of it. That might not sound like a big deal to you, but it really really is. There were a lot of things tied to that email that no longer are a part of my life. Cleaned out. Feels good.
So I challenge you, clean out something today. My next project is my car. Though you might want to baby step it to something. Baby steps Bob. Baby steps.

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