Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A fake Dog.

Have you seen the Carrie Underwood Nintendo commercial?
Let me preface this with the fact that I love her. Dearly.
But can we please take a moment to comment on this commercial?
She looks pretty, she's playing the Nintendo, there is absolutely no music (first mistake) and we realize that she is playing with a dog. On the Nintendo. A fake dog. And she scratches the fake dog's belly and it woofs.
Okay. I grew up in the time of the Tomogotchi and the Nano Pets. I am pretty sure that I spent hours feeding digital hamburgers to a dinosaur. Put it on your keychain and take it with you. It had to be fed and that's about it. When it died, just press the reset button on the back and you start over again.
Back to the commercial. Then Carrie's real dog comes and how convenient, it looks just like the dog on the Nintendo screen.
Just get a five dollar Giga Pet and call it a day kids.

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