Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog Socks

Have you ever put on a pair of socks that made your day better?

I had such an experience this morning. I was getting ready to leave for my summer class and I was completely zoned out because I was still angry with my alarm for waking me up. I was plumbeling around my room and I found my socks. There they were. Sitting on the floor, waiting for my feet.

So I put them on and wouldn't you know it, they were the most comfortable socks I have ever put on. I was reborn. I was alive again. I was rejuvenated. Life was good again.

Wait. Was life bad before?

Thank you for asking. Sure was.

I was in a funk all afternoon and evening yesterday. I was. I don't know how to explain it, though I tried for over an hour on the phone to do so. It's just bad timing. It's one of those waves where I am kinda being carried around and all I want is for my feet to be back on the sand. Not the kind with seaweed in it. I hate the feeling of seaweed on my feet. Gross. No, the kind of sand that is just sand. Pure, crab filled, fun. Except I don't want crabs.

Back to my point.

I'm just tired of dealing with some things and I had a hot dog moment.
A hot dog moment.
You know when you are cooking hot dogs in the microwave and they are in there for too long? And they start to slowly explode on the ends and they expand and eventually pop? I popped. It was a good pop I think. I mean, when a hot dog pops, that's not really great. That means it was there for too long and even though it will taste of the same sweet chicken/cow/pig/horse/dog meat mixture, it still was there too long. I've been there too long and I needed to pop.
I'm really hoping that the steam that was released is enough. I hope. I don't know.

I guess I will ride the wave until I get my footing again. And at least when I get my footing, I will be wearing these socks.

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