Sunday, May 25, 2008


The other day, I was professing my love for a certain quasi-celebrity and one of my closest friends said that she thought it was weird that I liked this semi-celeb. She thought it was strange. So I have to make a proclamation!
I love Mary Murphy! I know that I said that already. But I want everyone to know. When she screams on So You Think You Can Dance, it warms my heart. She's obnoxious and I love her. Some people don't like her, but they are just unable to handle all the love that is Mary. Murphy...not Magdeline or Mother o' Jesus.
I also love Kathy Griffin. Another loud woman. What's wrong with that?! What is wrong with loving these loud women?! There is something wonderful about women that are that loud and in public. It's like every time they open their mouths, they cause a scene. It's wonderful. One of my life goals is to cause a scene and I have come very close more than once. But these women do it daily and that is to be commended.
So, in the worlds of the great JennPez, let's get loud. And stay that way.

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