Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Helen Y'all

Isn't it wonderful when an actor is in a movie and they have to have a different accent than the one they acquired during their childhood? I think it's great. I mean, Johnny Depp doesn't sound like Sweeney Todd or Jack Sparrow...kinda.
I'm watching National Treasure 2, that's so much better than the first one by the way and Nicolas Cage's whisper/serious voice is just as good as the first film, and it's just funny to me when Diane Kruger's accent comes back. I know, it doesn't really matter. But come on, its funny.
When I lived in New York, people didn't believe me when I said that I grew up in Texas because I didn't have an accent. Obviously, I worked hard on it so that it wouldn't be that way. There is a silly connotation that people with a southern drawl are somehow stupid, although I find it to be untrue. That conclusion in no way comes from the people that inhabit that town my university is in. Or Anna Nicole Smith. None the less, I didn't want to speak that way. So I didn't and I don't.
But I think it's funny how one minute, she is the All-American blonde and the next, the is back as Helen of Troy. It's just funny to me.
Troy. Now that was a movie. It got such a bum wrap from critics but it really was great. Eric, Brad, and Orlando. King's waging war, the pretty blonde, who later in life would break into the Oval Office with Nic Cage, who was in Gone in 60 Seconds with Giovanni Rabisi, who was Pheobe's brother on Friends, which guest starred Kristin Davis, who also guest starred on Will and Grace with Eric McCormick which also guest starred Kevin Bacon. Hooray! I did it y'all!

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