Thursday, May 22, 2008

In Memoriam

Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter died yesterday. She was hit by a car. I actually read about it on Perez and so I was actually so impressed that he covered it. I wanted to comment on it and when I clicked on it, the comments started out being nice and prayerful. Then, people turned so hateful with what they were saying.
I'm sorry. I know that Perez is gay. Who cares? He said something really nice about someone who he doesn't have to say anything about at all. That doesn't mean that people need to get on there and talk about how God doesn't hear his prayers because he's gay, or how you should look before you drive or let your kids in the road or whatever.
I've been physically hot since I read some of the comments. I had to stop reading them because of how awful people are. You know, I try to see the best in people. Even if they are uncompromisingly stupid, I try. But this sort of thing reminds me just how awful people are when they are stupid.
And this is why I have zero tolerance for stupid people.
Anyways, I am praying for the Chapman clan. They've done a lot and Steven was my first concert ever. I fell in love with concerts because of him.

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